Sean Lake

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Sean is 36 years old and has been training for 20 years!

Average bodybuilder: Competed 8 times in NPC shows between 2005-2011.

Mediocre Powerlifter: Best deadlift 630lbs! Best Bench Press 455lbs! Best Squat 135lbs for reps (jokingggg)

Favorite Quote: "When you think you are done 5 more reps!" -Tom Platz

Top 5 Injuries: Strained pec (minor), Meniscus repair, left tweaked hamstring, right groin pull, and pinched finger between 5lb weights (HAHA).

Currently trained by 115lb workout legend Lauren Lake (wifey). 

Sean's favorite Lift: Hip Thrust (everyday functionality in and out of the gym....bow chicka wow wow)

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