Aaron George

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Aaron's short and comical High School football career came to a screeching halt in 1999 when he suffered a torn acl and meniscus. 
Searching for other outlets to channel his seemingly unending energy, he found himself in the clutches of what's known as the "corporate gyms".  Working primarily on T-Shirt muscles - bis/tris/chest - for several years, he enjoyed the 20-something's life of abs for days and admiration from the opposite sex.  
In early 2008, Aaron began his career as a power lifter after being challenged by his hetero life mate Mike Beech to compete at an event in Kentucky.  
After an earth-shattering 1220 total, he decided that this particular sport was not for him.
Back to the gym, back to the t-shirt muscles.  
After a few years away from any competitive sport, Aaron was once again challenged by his friend Mike to compete in the Greenville South Carolina Highland Games at Furman University.  
Aaron thought to himself, "I'm an athlete, I can do this."  Fully expecting to take home the first place trophy, he was quickly humbled by the rest of the competitors on the field.  But Mike's challenge did the trick - he was hooked, and the thought of losing to his friend fueled his motivation for years to come. 
After competing for two years as an Amateur B athlete in the Highland Games, he graduated to the A Class, and has been throwing as a top-ranked Amateur for the past 3 seasons.  
The sport has taken him to games all over the South Eastern United States, across the country to Texas, Utah, and even Minnesota where he competed in the Amateur World Championships last year.  
He's currently ranked 12th in the nation and headed to Enumclaw Washington this July to compete for the title of North American Amateur Champion. 
Although Aaron has long since given up on abs, he still has the t-shirt muscles appropriately paired with a strength athlete's power belly!  
Aaron's wife Mary has supported him throughout his ridiculous adventures in the Highland Games, and they are looking forward to the arrival of their first born this October.

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